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Carpiformazione is located in Carpi (Modena) a 70.000 inhabitants town in Emilia Romagna Region, where the sectors of knitwear, textile and clothing have established themselves on the Italian and world market since the sixties, thanks to their production capacity and the exclusivity of articles produced in the district. Carpi district is characterized by a wide presence of small and medium sized companies (almost the 70% of businesses work in making up clothing and knitwear, while the remaining 30% is represented by the auxiliary segments of the textile industry), by a relevance of a network of intercompany relationships due to the flexible specialization and a connection between the economic and socio-cultural systems. Carpiformazione is a public corporation, formed by the Municipality of Carpi and other seven municipalities of the textile district, operating from 1980 and specialized in the design and implementation of training courses, research activities, learning materials design and production and other services mainly addressed to Textile and Clothing Industry. The organization has researched and adopted advanced methodologies and tools for the training needs analysis and evaluation and the project design and implementation, in order to be able to manage training and research activities in different fields and processes, representing nowadays a referring point either for people who want to acquire skills and competences to be spent in the labour market, or for the T&A employees and, last but not least, for the SME’s of the district. Its main strength points are the excellence level in the training offer, the thirty years experience in the courses design, the employment of experts/trainers coming from the companies (about 500 firms), the innovative learning/teaching methodologies, the strong integration with other training organizations, schools, fashion institutes, companies, professional associations and the high employment level after the courses attendance.

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