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French Institute Textile Clothing (Direction Regionale Rhone-Alpes PACA)

Rhone-Alpes Region represents the highest concentration of T&A firms in France with 23.600 employees (20.000 in textile) in 1.150 firms. The region represents 35 % of the total turnover, 30 % of the firms and 24 % of the staff of French textile industry. Rhone-Alpes is the only French region in which the whole textile chain is present, with a real industrial activity (71 % of the staff is involved in production : 52% in weaving, from which 48 % dedicated to apparel, 30% to home textile and upholstery, and 22% to technical uses). Mainly composed of SMEs with a high innovation capacity (65% of French production of technical textiles), this industry exports 1,4 billions Euros of textiles. IFTH, as a technological skill Centre assisting in textile innovation, has developed a network of technological platforms in order to propose high added value services to industrial companies in the Textile and Apparel sectors. These platforms, which are true shared tools, assist product development approaches in the design engineering, production, finishing and marketing of materials and products thanks to workshops and digital tools. As an activator of projects for industrial companies, IFTH provides answers to the need for acquiring innovative know-how, developing and pre-industrialising textile products, and transferring technology to industrial application, as well as obtaining strategic advice. IFTH is involved in a regional organisation involving main actors in the textile and apparel sectors named STRAT (Synergie Textile Rhone-Alpes Territoire) offering a common panel of products & services, partnership and networking activities as well in the “Espace Textile” Promotion Centre, a non-profit association build-up by T&A industrial firms aiming to promote firms development in a product/market strategy approach. Moreover IFTH chairs Textranet, a European association that includes nearly 30 industrial and technical Textile-Apparel centres and is also a member of the French ITC network. Thanks to this European network, IFTH opens the doors to collaborative industrial networks to its customers in order to develop study and research projects together and offer new opportunities at both a technological and commercial level.

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