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Clothing Textile and Fiber Technological Development (CLOTEFI)

Clothing Textile and Fibre Technological Development SA is the Greek Technological Centre for Textile and Clothing Industry, which the main shareholder is the Ministry of Development (94%). Since 1986, the year of its establishment, the company has enjoyed dynamic growth: starting with a textile testing laboratory CLOTEFI has gained experience in fields of materials and chemical analyses and developed into a Technological Centre of considerable standing both in Greece and Europe. Today, CLOTEFI is the house of a highly equipped laboratory for the quality control of textile and apparel materials and products, which simultaneously, is the most up to date specialised Greek laboratory. With approximately 350 clients – enterprises of the sector, distributors, large firms’ representatives, detergent and chemical manufacturers - CLOTEFI provides technical support in quality and production issues such as product certification. CLOTEFI cooperates with European and national research and technological development centres and is actively involved in the European Networks of Organisations whose scope is to create knowledge and transfer technology to the textile industry. Thanks to its participation in over 70 national and transnational projects, CLOTEFI owns a very significant capital of knowledge available to the people of the Greek clothing textile industry. In practice CLOTEFI’s R&D team supports innovations, transfer of know-how and application of research results to manufacturing processes. In addition CLOTEFI actively supports technology transfer, non technological innovation and joint sustainable SMEs’ internationalisation strategies and transnational cooperation actions and promotes sustainable production and consumption in textiles and developed crisis prevention models in the clothing sector.

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