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Foment of Terrassa

Terrassa with its 211.793 inhabitants (the fourth city of Catalonia) is part of the RMB (Metropolitan Region of Barcelona), and inside this, a central place of its second industrial crown. Terrassa has had a leading role in the different industrial periods of Catalonia, becoming one of the engines of its industrial development, specially regarding the textile industry. But, in fact, Terrassa became a place for living more than a simple factory, far away from a simple production centre. That's why Terrassa's demography increased a lot in last decade. Terrassa is a clear receiver of new citizenship, and for this reason, a place for economic and social activity. Nowadays this industrial projection means basically innovation, creativity and competitiveness of this local community, that makes it special. Foment de Terrassa, SA is a trading society constituted by Terrassa City Council on year 1989, with municipal capital. Its mission is the direct management of services and the activities addressed to the economical and local development, the promotion, management and execution of the programmes linked to the training and the industrial, commercial and economical promotion of Terrassa. The concrete activities developed are: Advice and orientation for better knowing people potentialities and the labour market offers; training for improving citizens professional aptitudes; Development of programmes, projects and initiatives for the users labour insertion, giving special emphasis to the groups considered to be of difficult insertion; Support and assessment for business creation (Business Incubator); Current information about Terrassa socioeconomic prospect to give support to the making of a decision in the definition of public policies of economical and social promotion (Social, Economic and Sustainability Observatory); Information and advice about the possibilities of municipal economical promotion through programmes and European projects.

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