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TEXMEDIN DIgital Library

The TEXMEDIN Digital Library brings together in an ICT platform the most representative elements of the textile and apparel collections detained in the archives of textile and fashion museums and enterprises. At present, it contains nearly 800 items - new items will be added in the near future - coming from the Textile Museum of Prato, Centre of Documentation and Textile Museum of Terrassa, Peloponnesian Folklore Foundation and Carpiformazione.

The TEXMEDIN Digital Library is an innovative instrument linking each item to its cultural, social, historical and environmental information. It illustrates the evolution of technology and fashion in a certain period and territory and reveals how an item inspired a designer to create a new product. Information about new and advanced materials that can replace originally used ones and about modern environmentally friendly production technologies, regulations and legislation for consumer protection will also be available for a selection of items.

These features, combined with an effective search mechanism, a user friendly presentation screen and the possibility for the user to create his/her own theme by selecting different items that can be easily accessed each time the Digital Library is entered, will offer a viable tool to professionals looking for inspiration and creativity in the treasure house of the existing T&A heritage.

The TEXMEDIN Digital Library can be accessed without any restriction for both item searching and browsing.

The TEXMEDIN Digital Library is realized in the framework of the TEXMEDIN Project ( TEXMEDIN - standing for TEXtile and apparel EuroMEDiterranean heritage for Innovation -  is a transnational project cofinanced by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) in the framework of the European Territorial Cooperation objective by the MED Programme.

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